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A park with solar panels and skyscrapers in the distance

Reimagine energy

Shape the future of energy with innovations to expand your market positioning, increase growth opportunities, and create new business models.

Build the future of energy on highly secure devices and cloud innovation

Reduce energy consumption and preserve natural resources

Deliver social and economic impact by leveraging AI to conserve energy and preserve natural resources through smart energy management of commercial and consumer demand, connected vehicles, smart cities, buildings, and homes.

Shape energy balance with innovations in buildings, factories, vehicles, and homes

Translate the digital feedback loop from connected homes, vehicles, and smart cities to reduce energy consumption and develop new energy service offerings for commercial energy customers, prosumers, and consumers.

Learn how companies are shaping the future of energy

A Vestas windmill

A sustainable energy future

Vestas ran a reinforcement learning engine using machine learning and Azure HPC and storage resources.

Rows of windmills in an ocean

Transform operations with AI

SSE used AI, skills programs, and cloud technology to assist their green ambitions across a number of areas.

A worker in an energy plant
agder energi

Shape energy demand with a smarter grid

Make the grid smarter. Agder Energi uses the data from millions of sensors and interact with customers with rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles to operate the grid in a whole new way.

A worker wearing a hard hat looking at a tablet

Reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability

Schneider Electric is committed to addressing sustainability, specializing in energy management and automation. Solutions developed by this Microsoft Partner includes water and waste optimization, climate change compliance, and IoT implementation.

A person using a marshmallow tip cane waiting to get on a bus

Driving mobility-as-a-service

Moovit is simplifying urban mobility and making it accessible to people across the disability spectrum, reducing congestion and reshaping the future with its mobility-as-a-service platform and app that serves over 400 million users across 2700 cities and 90 countries.

Futureproof charging solutions for electric vehicles

Charging electric vehicles intelligently

Allego’s pan-European network of 9,500 charge points offers a seamless charging experience for cities, companies, and consumers by helping grid operators and energy suppliers adapt to energy demand using Azure Digital Twins.

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Explore solutions enabling a sustainable energy future

Azure Digital Twins

Create spatial intelligence graphs to model the relationships and interactions between people, places, and devices. Build reusable, highly scalable, spatially aware experiences for smart spaces, buildings, and power grids.

A man in an office, working on a desktop computer

Azure for the energy industry

Use advanced Azure tools and services like AI, industrial-grade IoT, and high-performance computing to build innovative cloud and edge solutions, as well as a rich ecosystem of partners, to create our sustainable energy future.

Man working with a laptop device on his hands

Smart Buildings by ICONICS

ICONICS Azure-based Smart Building solutions integrate information from a broad range of equipment and systems used for buildings management, enabling customers to reduce energy costs, cut energy consumption, and significantly streamline facilities maintenance.

Aerial photo of a big city

C3 Energy Management

Use advanced AI and optimization algorithms to model building operations, detect anomalies, predict energy savings opportunities, and help facility managers take action in near real-time. Deliver recommendations directly to building equipment through multi-channel solutions such as mobile alerts, email reports, and control signals.

A man in a suit using a tablet to work

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Wherever you are on your path to net zero, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability enables you to amplify progress and transform your business through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) capabilities.

A birds eye view of a large water dam.

ABB Ability™ for Smart Cities

ABB's Smart City products and solutions are at the heart of a city’s critical infrastructure, capable of monitoring, optimizing, and controlling key urban infrastructure systems in more efficient ways.

A woman in a city using her cellphone
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