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Explore the new Public Sector Center for Digital Skills. Find resources to help you advance your digital transformation through skilling. 

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Microsoft for Government

Deliver inclusive programs, transform operations, and enable thriving communities with a foundation of security, privacy, and trust.

Microsoft for Government approach

Empowering governments with technology to help solve society’s biggest challenges.

Deliver innovation in programs and experiences

Provide innovative solutions that help make public interactions with government more accessible and inclusive.

Empower the government workforce

Improve employee engagement, streamline workflows, and uncover actionable insights across government.

Transform government operations and services

Achieve more resilient and sustainable operations.

Help secure government data and protect resources

Secure critical environments, protect data, and achieve compliance.

Government sectors

Government operations and infrastructure

Deliver resilient and secure technology in an increasingly connected world.

Public finance

Reignite the economy and drive financial accountability.

Children and adults stacking hands

Public health and social services

Create opportunities for safety, wellness, and prosperity around the globe.

A judge and a colleague sitting at their desk in front of a large computer

Public safety and justice

Empower agencies, improve operations, and protect communities.

See how government agencies are elevating public services

A digital design of a city skyline
State of Qatar, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Creating a knowledge-based society

The State of Qatar supports residents, businesses, and visitors with digital services built on Azure. 

Three people seated in loungechairs in a lobby having a conversation

Simplifying online access

Inail used Microsoft solutions to reduce costs and provide Italy’s workers with easier access to services.


Investing in the cloud—and people

The Bank of Canada transforms its central banking operations and successfully upskills its staff.

A bird's eye view of a city park in Albania

Building cyber resilience

The Government of Albania quickly recovered from a cyberattack and built resilience with Microsoft Security.


Accelerating access to services

The City of Kelowna delivers greater benefits to its citizens—without increasing costs—with Azure AI.

A picturesque waterfront city

Elevating public services

The Municipalities of Sotenäs, Munkedal, and Lysekil optimize Swedish services with Microsoft Power Platform. 

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Valuable resources

A person sitting at a desk using a curved monitor

IDC Spotlight: Building Trust and Security in Government

Foster trust in government agencies by addressing important security issues, including transparency, risk, compliance, and protection of privacy.

Two people sitting on a couch looking at a tablet together

Drive innovation in government programs

Focus on four key areas to digitize public services and deliver personalized user experiences.

A person smiling and using a tablet

Enhance public services with generative AI

Explore how AI-powered solutions have the potential to transform the way governments interact with communities.

A person in a meeting room speaking to a group of people over a video call being displayed on a large screen on the wall

Create a successful transformation strategy

Hear industry experts discuss the building blocks for a successful government digital transformation strategy.

A person sitting on the steps outside of a building using a mobile phone.

Deliver personalized services using digital technology and data

Discover why citizen-centric services should be a top priority for your digital initiative.

A person smiling and having a conversation with someone holding a tablet

Accelerate digital transformation in government

Explore industry trends, key factors, and best practices to help ensure a successful digital transformation.

Four people in a conference room seated around a table while one person presents

Transform government with digital services

Lay the foundation for successful digital transformation to boost productivity, agility, and resilience. 

A person leaning over a coworkers shoulder to view their laptop

Modernize services while maintaining digital sovereignty

Learn how to build and digitally transform workloads in the cloud while meeting specific compliance, security, and policy requirements.

Adopt real-life digital transformation strategies

Learn how governments have incorporated government technology solutions to meet the needs of the people they serve.

A person standing in front of a wall of windows looking at a mobile phone

Explore the Public Sector Center of Expertise

Access thought leadership and research about government digital transformation and innovation. Discover how public servants from around the globe are improving government services and achieving sustainability, social, and economic goals.

News and events

Discover Ukraine’s digital identity approach

Find out how the government has embraced digital transformation to support the public during the war.

Invest in the Future & Drive Innovation

Visit the Public Sector Center for Digital Skills to find resources to help advance your digital transformation through skilling.

Adopt a digital identity strategy

Learn how government agencies are implementing digital ID technology to improve efficiencies and enhance public services.

Empower your workforce to achieve more

Explore impactful ways to improve employee engagement, streamline workflows, and uncover actionable insights across agencies.

Pillars for cyber resiliency in government

Minimize security risks with a strong cyber resiliency foundation that covers infrastructure, services, and employees.

Improve accessibility and inclusion

Find out how public sector leaders are working to increase accessibility.

Get insights about government cloud adoption

Discover the benefits of migrating to cloud ecosystems and learn how to overcome challenges. 

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