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Learn how to get more value from your data, uncover actionable insights, and enhance patient care with new AI-powered solutions.

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Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Better experiences. Better insights. Better care.

Deliver meaningful outcomes across the healthcare journey

Accelerate innovation and improve healthcare experiences with AI-powered solutions, actionable insights, and trusted capabilities from Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Create connected experiences

Connect your data and use AI tools to deliver exceptional patient experiences at every point of care.

Foster health team collaboration

Help your team make data-driven decisions, streamline workflows, and automate redundant tasks using AI.

Empower your healthcare workforce

Enable your clinicians to focus on high-value work and increase productivity with AI-powered tools.

Get more value from your data

Take action with your clinical and operational data to realize savings and drive better outcomes.  

Protect health information

Help your organization protect sensitive health data with a trusted partner that’s committed to responsible AI practices.

  • Develop tailored patient care programs

    Help patients access care on their own terms and interact directly with health teams. Simplify routine tasks for higher patient satisfaction and care transparency.

    Create personalized experiences

    Engage patients in care decisions with secure, personalized experiences to help them stay engaged in their health and wellness journey.

    Get a 360-degree view of every patient

    Rapidly analyze data unique to each case so clinicians and patients can coordinate effectively on treatment plans for higher patient satisfaction.

    Expand virtual care services

    Add AI health bots and virtual visits into the care journey. Use Nuance DAX to automatically document virtual patient encounters at the point of care.

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  • Boost clinician productivity

    Give physicians the flexibility to complete patient notes at their convenience and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation.

    Capture patient and physician encounter ambiently

    Allow providers to engage in natural dialogue with patients while ambient clinical intelligence securely captures and contextualizes the conversation.

    Discover go-anywhere speech recognition

    Deploy portable cloud-based clinical speech recognition that works across a wide range of Windows devices—and is compatible with all leading EHRs.

    Automate high-value clinical tasks

    Improve the exam room experience by automating high value clinical tasks and intelligent retrieval of information from medical records.

    Real-time guidance for better documentation quality

    Use Nuance Dragon Medical Advisor to get guidance that integrates evidence‑based advice with real‑time, point‑of‑care guidance across care settings.

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  • Empower teams to be more productive

    Enhance health-team coordination and collaboration to simplify complex workflow management and accelerate decision support and action across your organization.

    Enhance care team coordination and decision support

    Organize patient care activities and communicate the right information to the right people throughout the patient care journey.

    Help clinicians and staff easily share knowledge and collaborate

    Enable collaboration to optimize care team performance, strengthen care pathways, and reduce time to treatment.

    Enable remote patient monitoring to extend care beyond hospital walls

    Monitor recovery, rehabilitation, and care management for people with disabilities and chronic diseases to help reduce readmissions and increase patient satisfaction.

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  • Improve radiology efficiency and reporting

    Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of radiologists’ work, delivering better clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care.

    Automate diagnostic workflows

    Power workflows and harmonize the applications that radiologists use so they can focus on what matters most—care teams and patients they serve.

    Accelerate care with real‑time image sharing

    Enable access to medical images and diagnostic reports on-demand, without the need for costly VPNs or CDs.

    Streamline communication and enhance collaboration

    Eliminate distractions and improve work practices with timesaving in-context communications for radiology departments and private practices.

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  • Drive better health outcomes

    Connect people and health data from across disparate systems, creating insights to predict risk, accelerate care decisions, and help drive better health outcomes.

    Connect your health data using HL7 FHIR

    Create new opportunities with analytics, machine learning, and actionable intelligence across your health data.

    Leverage insights to improve health team efficiency

    Deploy AI-driven predictive analytics for data modeling, risk assessment, and care team decision support.

    Improve staff management and forecast patient throughput

    Improve operational efficiency by synchronizing management efforts across clinicians and administrators to reveal actionable insights into cross-institutional operations.

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  • Improve your security and compliance posture

    Create a holistic approach to data security, privacy, and compliance to prevent incidents that could disrupt patient care.

    Help protect against threats

    Help prevent the breach of sensitive health records, patient data, and personal identities.

    Stay up to date with the latest regulations

    Use intelligent solutions to meet compliance obligations in a complex, ever-changing regulatory environment.

    Maintain control of your data with confidence

    Trust that the privacy and confidentiality of your data will be protected and that your data will only be used in ways consistent with your expectations.

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See how organizations are reimagining healthcare


Improving patient care

Rx.Health uses Microsoft Security solutions to support and protect 6 million patient encounters per year.


Protecting patient data

Steward Health Care protects its vast IT landscape from malicious attacks with Microsoft Security solutions.

HCA Healthcare

Bolstering security to better serve patients

HCA Healthcare secures its endpoints to help ensure high-quality patient care.

NHS logo

Enabling a rapid response and transforming legacy processes

UK health and social care services provider streamlines its clinical model with Power Platform.


Transforming patient communication

Vitaldent uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to connect more effectively with patients and maintain a 360-degree view of patient interactions.

St. Luke_#39;s

Nurturing a commitment to innovation

St. Luke’s University Health Network is transforming how it supports its employees and delivers exceptional care using Microsoft tools.


Ensuring accurate patient documentation

Nuance Communications helps hospital clinical documentation improvement (CDI) teams ensure the quality and accuracy of patient documentation.

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Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Contact your account executive to get started with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.*

**Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is generally available in 10 languages including English, French, Dutch, German, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

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Explore all partner apps and services for healthcare

Explore all partner apps and services for healthcare

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Accelerate diagnoses and improve surgical accuracy.

Microsoft 365

Optimize care while also improving patient safety and reducing costs.

Microsoft Teams

Enable simple, secure collaboration and communication in a single hub.

Power Platform

Uncover data-driven insights that improve clinical decision-making with Power BI.

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Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Service Specific Terms explain your and Microsoft’s rights and obligations with respect to regulatory compliance standards for Customer Data and Non-Microsoft Product data solely in connection with your use of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. The qualifying license terms for Microsoft 365/Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, and the Healthcare Bot Service are found in the Product Terms and the Microsoft Privacy Statement and are a prerequisite to your use of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare SKU. 

The regulatory compliance standards that apply to certain features offered through Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare can be found on the compliance dashboard

You can learn more about Microsoft’s commitments to data protection and privacy and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare by visiting our Trust Center.

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