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Chris Dieringer articles

Chris Dieringer
Senior Director National Sales- US Retail & CPG Industry

Brick by interlocking brick: Three steps to leveraging a newly connected organization 

There is no denying that the playing field for consumer goods companies is getting more and more challenging. Pressure is coming from consumers, shoppers, retailers, competitors, and challengers, and this powerful industry disruption is not slowing down. Intensified by COVID-19, the blinding pace of acceleration toward digital experiences has advanced 10 years of US e-commerce

Empower your organization with secure and compliant collaboration 

Firstline employees are often the face of your retail business, which means that their performance can directly impact how consumers view your brand. These employees, however, can only support great customer experiences as far as their technology will let them. If your business isn’t building seamless and predictive customer service into each transaction, it can

Creating personalized customer experiences through intelligent retail 

Ten or twenty years ago, the future of retail was online shopping. Today, it is building seamless connections between physical locations and online stores so that customers can easily shop, order goods, or pick–up items from a store or curbside service. Quarantines and social distancing only highlight the importance of building retail operations that start and end with the customer, online and off.   That is why competitive organizations are turning to “intelligent retail,” where machine

Deliver intelligent supply chain to fulfill customer demand 

Consumers spent over $601B in online purchases in 2019. To increase agility and visibility, supply chain logistics operations are trending towards transparent relationships between warehouses, delivery operations, and online locations. The truth is that modern consumers expect that when they shop for a product, they want to have options for how they buy and receive them.  Transforming a supply chain into an