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Microsoft invests in community innovation and job creation with the new US Delivery Center in North Texas

view of the city

Innovation in North Texas got a huge boost today with Microsoft’s $31 million investment in improvements to facilities in Las Colinas, near Dallas. This investment demonstrates our sincere commitment to creating a collaborative tech community in Texas that empowers big ideas and helps bring them to life. By creating an exceptional place to work and adding 575 new full-time jobs in the area, we at Microsoft are driven to enhance the quality of life and create economic opportunity for local residents.

Adding to the already robust workforce in the Microsoft Technology Center in Las Colinas, the new jobs created will be part of Microsoft Services in the new US Delivery Center facility. This facility is designed to help accelerate the adoption of cloud technology in regulated industries, including US Federal Government, Healthcare, and Financial Services. Trained with a “tech intensive” mindset, the new team will have dual expertise in Microsoft cloud services and the unique security and privacy needs of regulated (including Public Sector) industry customers. ​​This USDC plays a huge role in building up Las Colinas as a tech-forward resource for innovation and employment.

Our Microsoft enterprise commercial customers have long enjoyed this kind of remote services model and now we can provide the same level of care to the Public Sector, thanks to this tech community. As an extension of Microsoft Public Sector consulting services teams who are onsite with customers every day, these new US Delivery Center teams will provide a cost-effective and scalable cloud transition.

The US Delivery Center’s portfolio of cloud consulting services will include:

  • Application Migration and Modernization
  • Data Center Modernization
  • Data Estate Management

— plus, an array of other cloud-based solutions.

This new team will strive to reduce costs and create efficiencies through the cloud transition for customers, all while delivering the same quality of expertise that customers have come to appreciate from Microsoft. With deep expertise in sectors like Healthcare, the team will also be able to accelerate AI adoption in a regulatory compliant manner. These secure, US-based services will drive further innovation into each industry they serve.

“Microsoft’s continued presence and investment in Texas is so significant and is really helping to make Texas the location for innovation and technology. Innovation and technology are critically important in today’s economy and we believe Texas is the right place to be in order to grow this economy. Microsoft’s investment in Texas is really going to make it the global technology hub and we’re very excited about what the future holds.”  

– Adriana Cruz, Incoming Executive Director for Economic Development in Tourism Division in the Office of Governor Greg Abbot 

With new service offerings and contributions to the Las Colinas community, we’re investing mindshare into a growing global technology hub that will continue to create opportunity in the Lone Star State. Taking this step will undoubtedly demonstrate how committing to innovation and employees can deliver an enormous impact regionally and across the country.