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Sharpen your skills this winter

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It looks like winter will be even quieter than usual this year. So, if you’re in the mood for something more interesting than jigsaw puzzles and longer lasting than gingerbread, how about learning some new technical skills?

Check out these Microsoft Learn modules to sharpen your cloud skills

Four Microsoft Cloud Advocates have created modules that are easy to follow and include hands-on exercises. And, like all material on Microsoft Learn, they’re available for free.

Run an IoT Edge device in a restricted network and offline

Topics: Internet of Things

This advanced theoretical module walks you through how an IoT Edge device can be harnessed as a gateway to child devices and can store captured information if connectivity is unavailable. Created by Anthony Bartolo (@WirelessLife).

Track global air quality with Azure maps

Topics: artificial intelligence, machine learning

This beginner module shows you how you can track global air quality using the Azure Maps Web SDK and pollution data from a third-party air quality API. Created by Jim Bennett (@jimbobbennett).

Publish an Angular, React, Svelte, or Vue JavaScript app with Azure Static Web Apps

Topics: web, JavaScript

This beginner module demonstrates how to automatically deploy and update a static web application from a GitHub repository. Created by John Papa (@John_Papa).

Deploy Azure infrastructure by using ARM templates.

Topics: DevOps, infrastructure

With this beginner module, write Azure Resource Manager templates by using Visual Studio Code to deploy your infrastructure to Azure consistently and reliably. Created by Pierre Roman (@wiredcanuck), Steven Murawski (@stevenmurawski) and Christoffer Noring (@chris_noring).

These modules are just the tip of the icicle. There are so many more learning paths available, each covering multiple modules related to the topic.

Take the Cloud Skills Challenge to be entered to win

A great way to work on your skills this winter is by joining the Cloud Skills Challenge. This free program lets you earn task-based achievements and compete against other developers.

We recommend a new learning path, Take your first steps with C#. All developers who complete the C# learning path on Cloud Skills Challenge by Wednesday, December 9, will be entered to win* a winter prize pack!

*Terms and conditions apply.