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Learn how adaptive learning is closing the skills gap at ADP, Learning from Leaders, Episode 5

Our latest guest on Learning From Leaders, ADP’s VP of Enterprise Learning, Andrea Elkin, got her start as a financial analyst on Wall Street.

“Part of what I was doing in the early part of my career was presenting the data, the numbers, and the analytics to help executives run their business. In very short order, it became about how we can run business better?”

That meant diving into data to provide leaders with information that they could then use to do just that.

Elkin is a life-long learner, and now she’s responsible for delivering a “modern learning experience” for ADP’s associates and clients. The biggest challenge is keeping up with the enormous pace of change, and meeting that challenge means that learning organizations like hers are turning to data mining to uncover where people have struggles.

ADP’s process is guided by the principles of adaptive learning, which means that learning adapts to the needs of the learner. Yet adaptive learning itself is changing thanks to AI, persona-based learning, and other innovations. These changes are giving more tools to present learners with the information they need in the style that best suits them.

The role of a learning organization can be about more than delivering content. By mining data, a modern leaning organization can help leaders identify skills gaps in their businesses, as opposed to just relying on self-reporting and the observations of managers and leaders.

This focus on data underpins the insights that ADP uses to create better experiences for their clients, providing those clients with the expertise they need to succeed.

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Learning From Leaders is a Microsoft thought leadership series of in-depth conversations with executives at firms who are facing the challenges of the digital age head-on. Each episode features insight from leaders whose clear vision of the future is guiding them to a path of embracing change, made possible by a mindset of continual learning.

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