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Resilience to thrive in the face of change

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Register for the Microsoft Resilience at Work US Summit, February 4  

If characteristics define a person, then three that are critical to me are resilience, agility, and a passion for leveraging technology to solve human challenges. Before joining Microsoft, I founded and led a strategic advisory and information management services firm called Resigility, a name combining resilience and agility. For the past six years, I’ve also mentored three entrepreneurs who are applying technology to make the world more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities. For these reasons, I’m thrilled to participate in the February 4 Microsoft Resilience at Work US Summit, which is dedicated to empowering business and technical decision makers to strengthen the resilience of their people, teams, and organizations, and providing a roadmap to capture value from digital transformation.

The need for resiliency, agility, and technology

The year 2020 certainly demonstrated the need for resiliency, agility, and technology to quickly respond to the adversities and changes brought on by the pandemic. These attributes also enabled many organizations to rebound and move forward with reimagining and shaping a future of innovation and transformation. In fact, one of the bright spots from last year was working with our customers and partners to accelerate the deployment of cloud and AI solutions to address coronavirus impacts and other pressing issues, including the transition to remote work and network access, enabling internal and external collaboration, and continuing to safely deliver trusted and secure services or products.

A timely and relevant Summit

That’s why the upcoming virtual Summit is so timely and relevant to where we are today—and why it’s vital to helping us thrive in the face of change now and in the future. Over the course of two hours, the Summit will deliver:

  • Thought-provoking insights from business leaders, authors, and premier consultancies, including Boston Consulting Group. Discussions will highlight why resilience works, what it means to be resilient, and what US business leaders and companies must do to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.
  • Tangible examples of resilience, with leaders from government, business, and nonprofits.
  • Perspectives and practical guidance from thought leaders on resilience in the workplace and for small and medium businesses, the future of work, and accelerating digital skills.

Providence: health is a human right

I’m particularly looking forward to my Summit session with Alison Santore, Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, Providence St. Joseph Health. We’ll share the inside story of how Providence—driven by a belief that health is a human right—swiftly used the power of the cloud to transition to remote work and telehealth during the pandemic. Ali and I also will discuss her commitment and ongoing work to lead environmental stewardship at Providence, why it is essential to improving the health and equity of caregivers, patients, and communities, and how this focus on sustainability has proved to be a key to resiliency in tough times. If there’s time, we will touch on a few of this national, Catholic, not-for-profit health system’s innovations, such as:

Join us: Microsoft Resilience at Work US Summit

Register today to join us at the Microsoft Resilience at Work US Summit, then block your calendar from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Time on Thursday, February 4. Before joining this digital experience, I also encourage you to visit the Microsoft resilience at work hub and take advantage of our playbook, The Future of Business Resilience. Whatever your industry or area of focus, I’m confident you’ll gain value and inspiration by attending the Microsoft Resilience at Work US Summit.