Health bot project

Health bot project

Established: July 25, 2016

AI at work for your patients

Access health data in an entirely new way with health bot, a research project to leverage conversational intelligence, rich patient understanding, and world knowledge for smarter triage and information lookup.

Deep personalization

Allows patients to connect to a range of data sources to personalize their conversations. Sources include:

  • Partner data sources and stores
  • EMR data, which provides information on lab results, medications, wearable data, and more
  • Cortana, enabling access to deep patient knowledge in multiple areas

Conversational intelligence

Enable meaningful conversations with patients. Functionality includes:

  • “Out-of-the-box” interactive diagnostic symptom checker
  • Support for layperson natural language
  • Multi-turn dialog with users; conversation flow adapts dynamically
  • Learns from previous interactions

World knowledge

Leverages information from respected industry data sources to generate more relevant responses. Examples include:

  • Credible medical content
  • Bing, including local information, maps, and crowd search data
  • CDC, WHO, NHS, and NIH databases

Multiple applications

Use the bot for symptom checking based on established medical protocols or customize your own protocols. It is also possible to answer questions about health benefits, including covered services and costs.

Completely customizable

Health bot is built with advanced customization options and an extensible framework. Partners can tailor the bot to their unique scenarios and can integrate third party endpoints, like patient portals.

healthbot screen

Our partners

MDLIVE is exploring using our health bot technology to help triage patient inquiries before they interact with a doctor via video; Premera Blue Cross intends to use it to transform how members can look up information about their health benefits; and Health Navigator’s diagnostic symptom checker brings best practices to other partners.