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Faculty Summit ’17 sessions available on-demand

July 21, 2017 | By Microsoft blog editor

Faculty Summit 2017 wrap-up: Reflections from the edge

Ivan Tarapov, Senior Software Engineer, talks to attendees about Project InnerEye – Assistive AI for Cancer Treatment
Photo credit: Doug Ogle, Filmateria Digital

By Roy Zimmermann, Director, Microsoft Research

PsiBot Robot at Faculty Summit 2017

PsiBot from Mobile Directions Robot demo at the Technology Showcase

The theme of this year’s Faculty Summit 2017, which occurred earlier this week, was The Edge of AI. The meeting on Microsoft’s sun-splashed Redmond campus involved more than 500 prominent AI academic and Microsoft researchers who brought depth and context to the theme with thought-provoking presentations and demos of leading-edge research. We heard from leading luminaries in collaborative AI, deep learning, machine comprehension, deep neural nets and more. We saw demos of AI applications and services that demonstrated how some aspects of AI are moving to the center of our digital lives. We also heard from some of our keynote speakers that while much progress has been made, much work remains if our AI systems are to become better at sensing, learning, reasoning and understanding natural language. And we were challenged to continue to seek out errors – not just solutions – on the path toward a more general artificial intelligence.

If you attended the Summit but missed some of the sessions, or if you didn’t attend but would like to explore some of the mind-expanding content we covered in two days of keynotes and break-out sessions, please enjoy our on-demand Faculty Summit video coverage.

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