Portrait of Ahmed H. Awadallah

Ahmed H. Awadallah

Senior Principal Research Manager


Ahmed Awadallah is a Senior Principal Research Manager at Microsoft Research where he leads the Language & Information Technologies group. His research has sought to understand how people interact with information and to enable machines to understand and communicate in natural language and assist with task completion. His early work spanned topics including information extraction, sentiment analysis, modeling conversations and their social context, measuring and improving search systems through user behavior modeling and building natural language interfaces to services and data. More recently, his research has focused on building data efficient and computationally efficient NLP systems with work spanning transfer learning, learning from weak supervision, learning from user interactions and model compression. Ahmed’s contributions to NLP and IR have been recognized with the 2020 Karen Spärck Jones Award from the British Computer Society. Ahmed regularly serves as (senior) committee, area chair, guest editor and editorial board member at many major NLP and IR conferences and journals.