members of the Swiss JRC between Microsoft, ETH Zurich, and EPFL

Swiss Joint Research Center

The Swiss Joint Research Center, Swiss JRC, is a collaborative research engagement between Microsoft Research and the two universities that make up the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology: ETH Zurich (opens in new tab) and EPFL (opens in new tab) in Lausanne. Since its inception in 2008, the Swiss JRC has supported dozens of collaborative research projects between Microsoft and the two academic partners. Currently, there are fourteen research projects in cutting-edge research areas including artificial intelligence (including computer vision and mixed reality), cloud and quantum computing, systems, security, and human computer interaction.

The Swiss JRC has close links with the Mixed Reality & AI Zurich Lab which uses the Swiss JRC to pursue collaborative research engagements with the two universities.

The Swiss JRC is governed by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from ETH Zurich, EPFL, Microsoft Switzerland, and Microsoft Research that ensures the smooth operation of the engagement for all three partners and decides on strategic direction. Among other things, the Steering Committee oversees the regular calls for proposal processes, invites to annual workshops, and manages the relationship with other relevant stakeholders in the geography.