Homomorphic Encryption Standardization Workshop
February 6, 2020 - February 7, 2020

Homomorphic Encryption Workshop 2020

Location: Redmond, Washington, USA

Registration: By invitation only.

Venue: Microsoft Research Building 99/1919

Website: Homomorphic Encryption Standardization Workshop

Contact us: msrevent@microsoft.com

This meeting will be an opportunity for us to reflect on the progress we’ve made and to chart a path forward together as a community. We will take this opportunity together to articulate the community priorities for HE standardization for the next 2-3 years.

This will be a working meeting. We anticipate everyone attending to contribute significantly to white papers that will be produced during (and after) the meeting.  In addition to brainstorming priorities and next steps, the working groups will focus on engaging other standards bodies and drafting white papers on schemes and protocols. We will agree collectively on these topics soon after the meeting starts, and we will then spend the bulk of our time together working on the white papers. The meeting will conclude with a report back from each of the working groups and a discussion outlining next steps to continue to drive the momentum forward.

Steering Committee

Kristin Lauter, Microsoft Research
Kim Laine, Microsoft Research
Kurt Rohloff, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Jung Hee Cheon, Seoul National University
Shai Halevi, Algorand Foundation
Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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