Microsoft Genomics Hackathon

Microsoft Genomics Hackathon

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Today’s academic institutions, medical centers, and research facilities are looking for agility, easier management, and access to resources to handle the increased demand for next-generation sequencing (NGS). These types of organizations can benefit from Microsoft’s industry-leading approach to security, privacy and compliance in the cloud, while minimizing cost and complexity.

With a cloud-based offering that can seamlessly integrate with existing pipelines, Microsoft gives you the ability to analyze genomic data in Azure faster, allowing researchers and medical professionals to get results in hours, not days. This sample-to-answer process is made even easier thanks to an orchestrated ecosystem of innovative partners that can provide turn-key or customised solutions for all your bioinformatics needs.

To learn how you can accelerate your genomics research with Azure, the Microsoft cloud, we invite you to register for the Microsoft Genomics Hackathon. This exclusive event will offer the following challenges:

  1. Using Microsoft Genomics service for fast and secure secondary analysis
  2. Compare and combine WGS data from different sequencing technologies
  3. Realtime bioinformatics: Azure Machine Learning Studio/ Microsoft Machine Learning Server+ Stream Analytics
  4. Participants/teams can bring their own challenges

Additionally, during the afternoon session, you will have the opportunity to privately discuss your specific genomics project and requirements with an Azure architect, and/or with partners that will be participating in this event.