ORCID Outreach Meeting May 2012


Name ambiquity and attrition are persistent, critical problems embedded in the scholarly research ecosystem. The Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID) initiative represents a community effort to establish an open, independent registry that is adopted and embraced as the industry’s de facto standard.

ORCID Outreach Meetings (formerly Participant Meetings) take place approximately twice a year. They are a unique opportunity to learn about the progress of the ORCID initiative and to discuss relevant issues with the community. Microsoft Research is pleased to sponsor this meeting.



ORCID overview and status update

  • 09:30 Howard Ratner and Laure Haak, Introduction and ORCID Overview slides
  • 10:00 Geoff Bilder and Brian Wilson, Technical Update slides
  • 10:30 Coffee Break
  • 11:00 Bernie Rous, Privacy Policy and User Control slides
  • 11:30 Craig van Dyck, Ed Pentz and Deanna Marcum,
  • 12:00 Lunch


Stakeholder panels: Integration plans and status

  • 1:00 Funding Organizations, Moderator: Liz Allen
    • Debbie Bucci: ScienCV: What is it, who is involved, and how could it interact with ORCIDs? slides
  • 1:30 Research Institutions: Assigning ORCIDs to Scholars, Moderator: Simeon Warner
  • 1:00 – 2:30 Parallel Developer Workshop, Moderator: Gudmundur Thorisson
  • 2:30 Break
  • 3:00 Keynote: Alex Wade, Microsoft Academic Search and ORCID slides
  • 3:30 Publishers: Manuscript Submission Workflow, Moderator: Craig Van Dyck
    • Veronique Kiermer: Nature Publishing Group slides
    • Chris Heid: Scholar One slides
    • Richard Wynne: Aries Systems slides
    • Mike Taylor: Elsevier slides
  • 4:30 Howard Ratner, Closing Remarks