May 6, 2010

Silicon Valley TechFair 2010

Location: Mountain View, CA, U.S.


On May 6, on Microsoft’s Mountain View, Calif., campus, Microsoft Research Silicon Valley will host its fifth biennial Silicon Valley TechFair, which invites a broad-based Bay Area audience to hear how the Microsoft Research is advancing the state of the art in computer science.

Researchers from Microsoft Research locations worldwide delivered demonstrations from their latest projects and interacted with guests discussing how technological innovation and collaboration with academic, governmental, and industrial partners can turn ideas into reality for computer users worldwide.

The event featured an afternoon of keynote session featuring Rick Rashid, senior vice president of Microsoft Research, and Roy Levin, Microsoft distinguished engineer and managing director of Microsoft Research Silicon Valley. Following the keynote, academics, governmental officials, venture capitalists, industry leaders, and members of the media had a chance to browse through a collection of 22 demos, ranging in theme from distributed computing and privacy to cloud computing and natural user interfaces, presented by some of the world’s top computer-science researchers.

Since 1991, Microsoft Research has been making innovative contributions to the technological community, and the Silicon Valley TechFair enables the leading lights of the region to get a glimpse into how the computer breakthroughs of tomorrow are being developed by Microsoft researchers today.