The 40-person Microsoft Research Redmond Lab’s Central Engineering Team develops software and hardware technologies and components based on Microsoft Research innovations. Our work includes technical transfer to the main Microsoft product groups, large scale prototyping and deployment, and providing internal lab engineering needs. Our group’s mission is to support the transition of late-stage research technology into Microsoft products, as well as stimulate thinking about potential Microsoft products through the creation of prototype software based on research ideas.

Our projects span topics such as information management, natural user-interfaces, distributed systems, multimedia, real-time communications, web services, App Store development, virtual/augmented reality (V/AR), AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more.


Our engineering bench is deep and seasoned. Partners can expect our engineers to:

  • Work with the research team to understand and analyze requirements
  • Learn about the research and acquire any needed technical skills, such as a new language, API or technology
  • Engineer solutions that meet requirements, including architecting, designing and implementing software across any or all layers of the software and hardware stacks
  • Collaborate for success and add value beyond engineering, such as contributing to research papers
  • Appropriately document the project before hand-off—this can include facilitating a technology transfer to a product group

QA infrastructure

As part of the Central Engineering group, the QA team helps take an idea and make it tangible. We provide an objective, independent view about the quality of code or project so partners can make informed business decisions about it. This diverse team has the experience that includes test and quality assurance, infrastructure engineering (builds, CI, repos), hardware, database, and software development.

Hardware Lab

The Hardware Lab provides electro-mechanical engineering and prototyping development to support Microsoft Research goals.


The design team helps researchers with user experience design, visual design refinements, data visualization and design consulting. We act as partners to help explore ideas that take projects to the next level.

Program management

The program management team provides services from early due diligence, market opportunity evaluation, and user studies through to facilitating release management and tech transfer to product groups. Throughout the lifecycle of a project, program management brings focus and accountability, helping to prioritize and plan project implementation for maximum impact and customer success. Our team also helps with identifying and coordinating product group and external partnerships that provide research projects with avenues for growth.