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Computational Biology Group

Biology comes to the big data era. An enormous amount of biological data has been accumulated over the years and the size of the data is ever growing. The computational biology group at Microsoft Research Asia seeks to unlock the big biological data and reveal the secret of life with computation.

Good research enlightens people about the unknown or builds useful tools. We explore the uncharted area of life sciences with curiosity. We build fundamental technologies for the research community.

We are carrying out research in the following areas: molecular dynamics simulation, genomics, immunomics, microbiome, and protein folding. We are eager to work with the colleagues who are passionate about fundamental scientific research and can devote their attention into technological innovations and scientific breakthroughs. We are especially interested in finding the talents with the following background: molecular dynamics, ab initio molecular dynamics, computational chemistry, computational physics, computational biology, and structural biology. We welcome the applicants with diverse research background. If you are confident that your unique expertise can contribute to a scientific big bet, submit your application to us.

To help the researchers enjoy the research they are doing and unleash their full potential, we provide an open interdisciplinary research atmosphere with sufficient computational resources. What we need are your passion and dedication in research, and your commitment in generating world-class research.




Portrait of Bin Shao

Bin Shao

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Yatao Li

Yatao Li

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Huanhuan Xia

Huanhuan Xia

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Liang He

Liang He

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Jianwei Zhu

Jianwei Zhu

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Tong Wang

Tong Wang

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Pan Deng

Pan Deng

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Fusong Ju

Fusong Ju