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Computing and Learning Theory Group

Computing and Learning Theory Group investigates the utility, complexity, trustworthiness of learning and computing for AI, in the theoretical perspective. We aim to push the frontier of learning and computing by theory. Our current research focus is on deep learning theory, reinforcement learning theory, differential privacy, causality, and game theory.

On December 11th  2021, Microsoft Research Asia (MSR Asia)  announced the establishment of its Theory Center. The theory Center is looking for talents who are committed to theoretical research to join our research team and jointly promote new theoretical research in the era of big data and artificial intelligence. Please contact us at



Portrait of Tie-Yan Liu

Tie-Yan Liu

Distinguished Scientist, Assistant Managing Director

Portrait of Huishuai Zhang

Huishuai Zhang

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Qi Meng

Qi Meng

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Yichi Zhou

Yichi Zhou


Portrait of Yue Wang

Yue Wang