Constructive Security

Established: December 31, 1999

The Constructive Security Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge seeks robust solutions to real-world large-scale security and privacy problems. Our research topics range from distributed access control, to traffic analysis, and to secure protocol engineering.

People and Projects

Cedric Fournet

Interests: security, programming, and distributed systems.

Projects: Secure Distributed Computations, CVK, F7, SecPAL

Andy Gordon

Interests: language-based security, security protocols, cryptographic software, Bayesian reasoning in security.

Projects: CVK, F7, Csec, SecPAL, Infer.NET Fun

Markulf Kohlweiss

Interests: cryptography, privacy enhancing protocols, zero-knowledge proofs, privacy-friendly smart metering, formal verification of cryptographic protocols.

Projects: Privacy-Friendly Smart Metering, SecPAL, F7

Santiago Zanella-Béguelin

Interests: cryptography, differential privacy, language-based security, formal verification of cryptographic systems, interactive and automated theorem proving.

Projects: EasyCrypt and CertiCrypt

Miguel Castro

Interests: distributed systems, networking, and security.

Manuel Costa

Interests: I am interested in scalable and reliable systems and networks.

Olya Ohrimenko

Interests: I am interested in security and data privacy in cloud computing. I am currently working on privacy-preserving access to remote data storage, verification of outsourced computation and data integrity protocols.

Projects: Trusted Cloud

Antoine Delignat-Lavaud

Interests: I am interested in certificates, transport layer security, programming securely with cryptography.


Mo Becker


Interests: theory and applications of policy languages and rule-based systems.

Projects: Policy Language Research, SecPAL

Michael Roe


Interests: designing secure Internet protocols.

Projects: Secure Internet protocols

Sören Preibusch


Interests: Security, privacy and economics / social networking.


George Danezis


Interests: computer security, privacy, and in particular anonymous communications, traffic analysis, peer-to-peer security, advanced inference for security.

Projects: Privacy and Anonymity, Privacy-Friendly Smart Metering

Christina Brzuska


Interests: My research interests are theoretical and practical cryptography.


Visits and Seminars

  • The Constructive Security group is actively engaged with security experts from both academia and industry.
  • Please let us know if you are interested in a short or long term visit, e.g. as part of a business trip or a Sabbatical.
  • We would be happy to host you and have you as a speaker in our security seminar.


Unless otherwise specified, events are on Wednesday at 11am.

  • CSG Seminars are conference style talks, often interrupted by discussions
  • CSG Lounges are more informal, ranging from reading groups, travel reports to the occasional admin.While they are mostly internal, visitors are welcome.

Upcoming events

22-June-2016VioletCSG LoungeBen DowlingMSR InternEnd of internship talk: The miTLS crypto model

Past events

8-June-2016VioletCSG LoungeRupert HorlickCambridge Computer LabAn Oblivious RAM implementation for Mirage OS
27-Apr.-2016VioletCSG SeminarSheharbano KhattakCambridge Computer LabDo You See What I See? Differential Treatment of Anonymous Users
14-Apr.-2016VioletCSG LoungeBen DowlingQueensland University of TechnologyModern Key Exchange Security Models
2-Mar.-2016VioletCSG LoungeKhilan Gudka, Robert N. M. WatsonCambridge Computer LabSecurity-Oriented Analysis of Application Programs (SOAAP)
10-Jan.-2016VioletCSG LoungeCedric FournetCSGTrip report from Real World Cryptography Workshop
9-Dec.-2015AuditoriumCSG SeminarBjorn TackmannUC San DiegoA Constructive Approach to Secure-Channel Protocols
11-Nov.-2015VioletCSG SeminarAndriana E. GkaniatsouUniversity of EdinburghBreaking Card: Reverse-Engineering the Smart-Card Application Protocol Data Unit
7-Oct.-2015VioletCSG LoungeNiklas GrimmMSR InternJean Karim ZinzindohouéMSR Intern

Embedding proofs of relational properties in F*

Low*: low-level F* programming without garbage-collection

9-Sep.-2015Small Lecture TheaterCSG SeminarSiyao GuoChinese University of Hong KongThe Power of Negations in Cryptography
20-Aug.-2015VioletCSG LoungeEsha GhoshMSR Intern & Brown UniversityVerifying Computation and Integrity of the Data in Constant time
22-July-2015Small Lecture TheaterCSG SeminarGiorgia Azzurra MarsonTechnische Universität DarmstadtData Is Stream: Security of Stream-based Channels
17-June-2015VioletCSG LoungeEsha GhoshMSR Intern & Brown UniversityZero-knowledge authenticated data structures (ZK-ADS)


  • The Constructive Security group is always looking for exceptional researchers, research engineers, post-docs, and interns.
  • See the Careers page for details of the application procedure.
  • Please let one of us know directly if you apply. Cedric Fournet is Head of the Constructive Security Group, and leads recruiting activities.

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