Constructive Security

Established: December 31, 1999

The Constructive Security Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge seeks robust solutions to real-world large-scale security and privacy problems.

The Constructive Security Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge seeks robust solutions to real-world large-scale security and privacy problems. Our research topics range from distributed access control, to traffic analysis, and to secure protocol engineering.

Visits and Seminars

  • The Constructive Security group is actively engaged with security experts from both academia and industry.
  • Please let us know if you are interested in a short or long term visit, e.g. as part of a business trip or a Sabbatical.
  • We would be happy to host you and have you as a speaker in our security seminar.


Unless otherwise specified, events are on Wednesday at 11am.

  • CSG Seminars are conference style talks, often interrupted by discussions
  • CSG Lounges are more informal, ranging from reading groups, travel reports to the occasional admin.While they are mostly internal, visitors are welcome.

Upcoming events

DateRoom                      EventSpeaker                                         Title                                                                                                                            
16-Nov-2016VioletLoungeTom Minka,Microsoft ResearchInfer.NET and enterprise security
23-Nov-2016VioletLoungeMary Maller,PhD Scholar, UCLTalk details to follow.

Past events

22-June-2016VioletLoungeBen Dowling,MSR InternEnd of internship talk: The miTLS crypto model
8-June-2016VioletLoungeRupert Horlick,Cambridge Computer LabAn Oblivious RAM implementation for Mirage OS
27-Apr.-2016VioletSeminarSheharbano Khattak,Cambridge Computer LabDo You See What I See? Differential Treatment of Anonymous Users
14-Apr.-2016VioletLoungeBen Dowling,Queensland University of TechnologyModern Key Exchange Security Models
2-Mar.-2016VioletLoungeKhilan Gudka, Robert N. M. Watson,Cambridge Computer LabSecurity-Oriented Analysis of Application Programs (SOAAP)
10-Jan.-2016VioletLoungeCedric Fournet,CSGTrip report from Real World Cryptography Workshop
9-Dec.-2015AuditoriumSeminarBjorn Tackmann,UC San DiegoA Constructive Approach to Secure-Channel Protocols
11-Nov.-2015VioletSeminarAndriana E. Gkaniatsou,University of EdinburghBreaking Card: Reverse-Engineering the Smart-Card Application Protocol Data Unit
7-Oct.-2015VioletLoungeNiklas Grimm,MSR Intern;Jean Karim Zinzindohoué,MSR Intern

Embedding proofs of relational properties in F*

Low*: low-level F* programming without garbage-collection

9-Sep.-2015Small Lecture TheaterSeminarSiyao Guo,Chinese University of Hong KongThe Power of Negations in Cryptography
20-Aug.-2015VioletLoungeEsha Ghosh,MSR Intern & Brown UniversityVerifying Computation and Integrity of the Data in Constant time
22-July-2015Small Lecture TheaterSeminarGiorgia Azzurra Marson,Technische Universität DarmstadtData Is Stream: Security of Stream-based Channels
17-June-2015VioletLoungeEsha Ghosh,MSR Intern & Brown UniversityZero-knowledge authenticated data structures (ZK-ADS)


  • The Constructive Security group is always looking for exceptional researchers, research engineers, post-docs, and interns.
  • See the Careers page for details of the application procedure.
  • Please let one of us know directly if you apply. Cedric Fournet is Head of the Constructive Security Group, and leads recruiting activities.








People and Projects

People and Projects

Cedric Fournet

Interests: security, programming, and distributed systems.

Projects: Secure Distributed Computations, CVK, F7, SecPAL

Andy Gordon

Interests: language-based security, security protocols, cryptographic software, Bayesian reasoning in security.

Projects: CVK, F7, Csec, SecPAL, Infer.NET Fun

Markulf Kohlweiss

Interests: cryptography, privacy enhancing protocols, zero-knowledge proofs, privacy-friendly smart metering, formal verification of cryptographic protocols.

Projects: Privacy-Friendly Smart Metering, SecPAL, F7

Santiago Zanella-Béguelin

Interests: cryptography, differential privacy, language-based security, formal verification of cryptographic systems, interactive and automated theorem proving.

Projects: EasyCrypt and CertiCrypt

Miguel Castro

Interests: distributed systems, networking, and security.

Manuel Costa

Interests: I am interested in scalable and reliable systems and networks.

Olya Ohrimenko

Interests: I am interested in security and data privacy in cloud computing. I am currently working on privacy-preserving access to remote data storage, verification of outsourced computation and data integrity protocols.

Projects: Trusted Cloud

Antoine Delignat-Lavaud

Interests: I am interested in certificates, transport layer security, programming securely with cryptography.


Mo Becker


Interests: theory and applications of policy languages and rule-based systems.

Projects: Policy Language Research, SecPAL

Michael Roe


Interests: designing secure Internet protocols.

Projects: Secure Internet protocols

Sören Preibusch


Interests: Security, privacy and economics / social networking.


George Danezis


Interests: computer security, privacy, and in particular anonymous communications, traffic analysis, peer-to-peer security, advanced inference for security.

Projects: Privacy and Anonymity, Privacy-Friendly Smart Metering

Christina Brzuska


Interests: My research interests are theoretical and practical cryptography.


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