cortana research

Cortana Research

Cortana Research is the applied research team for Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant. We focus on realizing research innovation within the product. The team comprises scientists and engineers with a range of backgrounds, many of whom have doctoral degrees in their fields of study and/or extensive engineering experience at Microsoft and elsewhere.

Cortana Research has the following goals:

  • Develop new technologies that advance Cortana’s capabilities, and artificial intelligence (AI) practice more broadly.
  • Collaborate with other teams within Microsoft, and beyond, to bring advanced technologies into Cortana.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in AI via prototypes and technical publications.
  • Represent Cortana in engagements with the scientific community, especially academia.
  • Keep abreast of scientific and industrial developments, and share our learnings internally.

Please direct questions about Cortana Research to Ryen White.