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Microsoft XC Research

We are a multi-disciplinary team of over 60 user researchers, product planners, and customer advocates working on a breadth of user experiences across Microsoft 365. Working on M365 means influencing the experiences of hundreds of millions of people every day. Our team takes this influence seriously, and we are actively innovating our research practices to ensure all people using Microsoft products have a represented voice in what we build. Our success in doing so is dependent on building teams that include people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who can challenge each other’s assumptions with fresh perspective.

In Experience Collective (XC), we believe in the power of a federated community to create and deliver holistic customer experiences and drive business impact at scale. A community that is made up of diverse styles, voices and views reflecting the diversity of our customers, and giving us the empathy to serve their needs. Nurturing and continuously evolving this culture are our shared responsibility because we create better products together. We believe designing in the open empowers us all to move fast and build experiences without seams.

We share, we jam, we collaborate. We re-use rather than reinvent. We contribute to each other’s work to make it better. We work in small, cross-app, interdisciplinary teams to ensure we build experiences that are inclusive, efficient and delightful. We make to think, we prototype and test. We work from small to large screens. We build both category-leading apps, and seamlessly connected experiences across them.

We tell compelling emotional stories to open space for innovation, win new customers and take our existing customers along. We push boundaries constantly because we believe in the magic of bold ideas. And because it’s our responsibility to strive to be best-in-class. We owe it to our company, and our customers.