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Part of the Central Engineering group, the Hardware Lab provides electro-mechanical engineering and prototyping development to support Microsoft research priorities. The following are examples of a few of our projects:

Project Premonition

Project Premonition aims to detect pathogens before they cause outbreaks. It uses the animal pathogen data from mosquitoes that are captured in autonomous mosquito traps. Our team designed V1 – V3 prototypes for the mosquito traps as well as designed and built the environmental mosquito chamber.

Microsoft Soundscape

Microsoft Soundscape is a research project that explores the use of innovative audio-based technology to enable people, particularly those with blindness or low vision, to build a richer awareness of their surroundings. We helped design and build a remote control circuit board.

Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio is a project about creating a 3D audio experience using headphones. We designed and manufactured three 64 channel spherical microphone arrays with integrated 360 video cameras and 360 degree audio.

Core Team

Other Contributors

  • Todd Jurgensen
  • Teresa LaScala
  • Sokunthea Neang
  • Lex Story
  • Song Vong
  • Aiwu Yue