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Plural Technology Collaboratory


The Plural Technology Collaboratory is a Microsoft Research Special Project dedicated to advancing Plural Technologies (PTs), ones that support social diversity and empower collaboration across it.

The PTC is a relaunch of the previous Decentralized Social Technology Collaboratory motivated by the potential of Generative Foundation Models (GFMs), such as GPT-4, to become general-purpose technology, comparable to electricity or computation, that emerge into broad use far faster than either of those examples. They have the capacity to reshape and disrupt most of our society, including the economy, politics, governance, social structures, and the organization of production.  Persevering and empowering pluralism in the face of this disruption will require fundamental sociotechnical change that we aim to develop technology to support.  Read our new blog post to learn more about PTC.

Microsoft researchers will be working with collaborators globally to study, design and deploy PTs, focused on the following pillars with a set of projects listed: ­

Verifiability and Provenance
Plural Publics
Soulbound Tokens
Herberger Tokens
Data Dignity
Plural Property
Supply Chain Attestations
Next-Generation Badging
Decentralized Society
Politics and Governance
Quadratic Voting
Quadradic Funding
Organization of Production
Distributed Computation
Private Computation

Our collaborators

We are working closely with the following collaborators:

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Collective Intelligence Project

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