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AI-Assisted Programming

  • Research Fellowship Opportunity in AI-driven Program Synthesis (in India)

    NOTE: We have completed the current round of hiring for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. However, if you are still interested in being considered for this position next year, please contact us.

    99% of people who own computers do not know how to program, and even experts often struggle to code accurately. Through program synthesis, a new frontier in AI, we can help everyone generate programs that accomplish their tasks faster and more accurately, from users who have never written a line of code to professional developers. Advances in symbolic and neural methods, such as large language models, are accelerating the pace at which we can push the state-of-the-art in this area.

    The PROSE team develops state of the art program synthesis systems and ships these innovations through flagship Microsoft products like Excel, Visual Studio, PowerQuery, PowerShell, and SQL Server Management Studio. Our work is characterized by building on fundamental insights in both logical reasoning and machine learning and combining them in unique ways to synthesize programs (or solutions to tasks that can be framed as programs). This approach has been recognized with regular papers at top-tier conferences in the AI, machine learning, programming languages, and software engineering communities; a few of them won best paper and test-of-time awards.

    Our team provides a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of cutting-edge AI research and real-world impact, solving customer problems at a global scale. To learn more about approach and culture, see this talk: “Art of doing disruptive research”.

    The goal of the research fellowship program is to provide fellows with an opportunity to build their research and engineering skills in a unique industrial research environment. Fellows join with our team to explore open research problems (guided by the team’s product partnerships), develop state-of-the-art techniques to address these challenges, publish their results in top conferences, and implement their contributions in features that ship in real products. To support these goals, fellows are paired with experienced researchers as mentors and offered weekly workshop training, with a rotating focus on critical areas such as skill building, engineering mentorship, research mentorship, and communication/story telling.

    The research fellowship program is a 1 year appointment, with a possibility to renew in some cases for a second year and in fewer cases provide longer term opportunities.

    Qualifications: We are looking for India-based candidates to work on projects at the cutting edge of machine learning and software. Undergraduates or masters students who are finishing up their degrees are welcome to apply. Some desirable qualifications are:

    • Proficient programming skills and an interest in learning to write production-quality code
    • Excellent communication skills and an interest in working with a multi-disciplinary team
    • Background in machine learning with an interest in learning its applications to programs
    • Prior exposure to popular neural network development toolkits such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, Jax, or similar or a keen interest in learning to use these
    • A keen interest in combining research and engineering

    Contact: To apply, send an email to Please send a CV and optionally a few paragraphs on your aspirations and why you are interested in this opportunity. While we would like to receive applications all year round, we are unable to respond to each application. If we find your application promising, we will get in touch with you.

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