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Established: January 1, 2021


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Microsoft Research Blog

Microsoft Research Blog


The future of industries is data-driven. Technological breakthrough is key to address the challenges in front of us including climate change, pandemic, food security. It is also key as we open up new frontiers in space, medicine, energy etc. Data, along with AI-powered insights, will help the industries be more efficient, and drive sustainable operations and growth, and has led to the concept of Industry 4.0. Technologies, such as AI, Robotics, Connectivity, Quantum Computing, and others are going to bring new opportunities for various industries, from Retail, Financial Services, Energy, Agri-Food, and others.

As part of Research for Industry (RFI), our mission is to help realize the data-driven future of different industries. This is a joint initiative between Microsoft Research and Azure, where we will bring the best in cloud and AI, and invent new technologies in each industry, working closely with partners, customers, and industry experts.


Our group spans Microsoft Research and Azure Commercial Industry teams. We have scientists, industry experts, engineers, architects, and program managers. And an amazing group of interns!