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Software Analysis and Intelligence in Engineering Systems (SAINTES) Group

The Software Analysis and Intelligence in Engineering Systems group is part of Microsoft Research, Redmond with the goal to Empower and enable the best work and well-being of the current and next generation of code creators.”

The focus areas of the SAINTES group are as follows: 

  • Productivity. Quantify team and developer productivity and design and build tools and interventions to improve productivity, including low-code, no-code, and work at the intersection of code and ML and AI.
  • Community. Improve current and next generation developer communities within and outside Microsoft to be more inclusive, diverse, and be a level playing field. Extend our research and findings to support communities such as GitHub.
  • Engagement. Empower people who are not traditional software developers to create software, using emerging technologies, and capabilities.



Portrait of Christian Bird

Christian Bird

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Jenna Butler

Jenna Butler

Principal Applied Research Scientist

Portrait of Denae Ford Robinson

Denae Ford Robinson

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Tom Zimmermann

Tom Zimmermann

Sr. Principal Researcher

Portrait of Chetan Bansal

Chetan Bansal

Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Nicole Forsgren

Nicole Forsgren

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of Carmen Badea

Carmen Badea

Senior Research Engineer