Social Computing (Asia)


In the Social Computing Group of Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), we engage in interdisciplinary research which intersects computer science with social science, psychology and cognitive science. Based on large scale human behavioral data on various heterogeneous social platforms, we aim to gain an in depth understanding of users and provide them with intelligent and personalize online experience. Our current research focus is on user modeling, recommendation system, spatio-temporal data mining, graph data mining, emotion analysis, and personalized chat. Our team is well-known in the fields of social computing, ubiquitous computing and data mining. Also over the years, we have been closely collaborating with various AI product teams in Microsoft.

Group photos


Jiuyang Home Party Club, Beijing, Dec. 15, 2017


China Lounge Restaurant, Beijing, May 15, 2017


 Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant, Beijing, Dec. 15, 2015 


 Microsoft Beijing West Office, Beijing, Aug. 31, 2011