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Systems and Networking Research Group (Asia)

Innovations in computer systems are key driving forces in the era of big data and artificial intelligence. Systems researchers are working to empower advanced intelligent algorithms with reliable, secure, and efficient computing capacity to process huge volumes of data. Systems and Networking Research Group of Microsoft Research Asia engages in fundamental systems research with expertise that spans theory and practice in:

Research Achievements

Over the years, researchers from Systems and Networking Research Group (Asia) have designed, built, analyzed, and optimized various production systems and tools that power Microsoft’s internal infrastructure and external services. These experiences have inspired a series of research projects, producing significant results in top conferences such as SOSP, OSDI, SIGCOMM, NSDI, MOBICOM, MOBISYS, USENIX ATC, SoCC, EuroSys, VLDB, SIGMOD, PLDI, ICSE, FSE, PPoPP,CVPR, AAAI, FPGA. Together with other teams in Microsoft, Systems and Networking Research Group (Asia) is working on new technologies for next generation infrastructures and platforms to advance the state-of-the-art in academia and industry.


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12F, Microsoft Building 2, Danling Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, China


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Portrait of Ting Cao

Ting Cao

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Ying Cao

Ying Cao


Portrait of Xu Cao

Xu Cao


Portrait of Shijie Cao

Shijie Cao


Portrait of Qi Chen

Qi Chen

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Yang Chen

Yang Chen

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Shuo Chen

Shuo Chen

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Peng Cheng

Peng Cheng

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Wei Cui

Wei Cui

Senior Research SDE

Portrait of Xuan Feng

Xuan Feng


Portrait of Yanjie Gao

Yanjie Gao


Portrait of Xiaotian Gao

Xiaotian Gao

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Mike Chieh-Jan Liang

Mike Chieh-Jan Liang

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Haoxiang Lin

Haoxiang Lin

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Lingxiao Ma

Lingxiao Ma


Portrait of Youshan Miao

Youshan Miao

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Zhixiong Niu

Zhixiong Niu

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Lei Qu

Lei Qu

Research Hardware Dev. Engineer 2

Portrait of Ran Shu

Ran Shu

Associate Researcher 2

Portrait of Yongqiang Xiong

Yongqiang Xiong

Principal Researcher/Research Manager Networking Research Group, Microsoft Research Asia

Portrait of Yifan Xiong

Yifan Xiong

Research SDE II

Portrait of Jilong Xue

Jilong Xue

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Hui Xue

Hui Xue

Associate Researcher

Portrait of Mao Yang

Mao Yang

Partner Research Manager

Portrait of Fan Yang

Fan Yang

Principal Researcher/Research Manager

Portrait of Quanlu Zhang

Quanlu Zhang

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Xian Zhang

Xian Zhang

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Qianxi Zhang

Qianxi Zhang

Senior RSDE

Portrait of Li Lyna Zhang

Li Lyna Zhang

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Lidong Zhou

Lidong Zhou

Distinguished Scientist, Managing Director