Computer Vision is an exciting research area that studies how to make computers efficiently perceive, process, and understand visual data such as images and videos. The ultimate goal is for computers to emulate the striking perceptual capability of human eyes and brains, or even to surpass and assist the human in certain ways. The Visual Computing Group at Microsoft Research Asia consists of an elite team of researchers whose expertise spans the spectrum of research topics in computer vision, from mathematical theory to practical applications, from physical systems to software development, and from low-level image processing to high-level image understanding.



Portrait of Jianmin Bao

Jianmin Bao


Portrait of Yue Cao

Yue Cao

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Dong Chen

Dong Chen

Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Baining Guo

Baining Guo

Distinguished Scientist, Deputy Managing Director

Portrait of Han Hu

Han Hu

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Steve Lin

Steve Lin

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Xiao Sun

Xiao Sun

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Fang Wen

Fang Wen

Lead Researcher

Portrait of Zhirong Wu

Zhirong Wu

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Jiaolong Yang

Jiaolong Yang

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Bo Zhang

Bo Zhang

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Ting Zhang

Ting Zhang

Senior Researcher