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MSR & Mila Collaboration

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Microsoft Research has been a partner of Mila’s (Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms) since its inception, forging strong collaborations between its researchers to advance state-of-the-art deep learning research.

To cultivate these collaborations, we administer a variety of programs that provide resources and support to the students and faculty at Mila.

Presentation at MSR & Mila Workshop 2019
Susan Dumais at MSR & Mila Workshop 2019
Yoshua Bengio presentation at MSR & Mila Workshop 2019

Mila Faculty Engagement

Microsoft Research & Mila Call for Proposals

Semi-annually, Microsoft Research conducts a call for research proposals with the faculty at Mila to promote machine learning research collaborations between the Microsoft Research and Mila. The call for proposals aims to fund ambitious collaborative projects that have the potential to shape the future of artificial intelligence.

Please see below a list of selected proposals and applications for the Summer 2019 call held in October.

  • “Towards characterizing compositionality and systematic generalization for natural language representations”
    Alessandro Sordoni (MSR Montreal) and Professor Timothy O’Donnell (Mila)
  • “Learning and Reasoning with Graph Structures in Interactive Text Environments”
    Marc-Alexandre Cote (MSR Montreal), Eric Yuan (MSR Montreal), Professor William Hamilton (Mila) and Professor Jian Tang (Mila)
  • “Learning Dynamics of Adversarial Machine Learning Formulations”
    Remi Tachet Des Combes (MSR Montreal) and Professor Ioannis Mitliagkas (Mila)

MSR Collaborating Faculty Members at Mila

MSR Distinguished AI Lecture Series at Mila

Once a month Microsoft Research hosts a technical lecture featuring a distinguished faculty/academic or Microsoft Researcher. Faculty, students and the local academic community are welcome to attend. Pizza is provided afterwards for faculty and the academic community to network. See upcoming and past speakers on our event page.

Annual Microsoft Research & Mila Workshop

Once a year the faculty and students at Mila come together with Microsoft researchers to share recent research advancements and breakthroughs to build upon existing collaborations.

Mila Student Support

Mila Diversity Scholarship

Microsoft Research is a proud supporter and contributor to the annual Mila Diversity Scholarship that aims to aims to increase the pipeline of diverse talent receiving advanced degrees in computer science for doctoral students who are underrepresented in the field of computing. For more information visit the Mila website.

Mila Internships

To support and deepen our relationship with the next generation of researchers from Mila, the Microsoft Research Montreal lab offers 20% internships for those who seek to collaborate on an on-going basis with our researchers throughout the whole year. For more information about this opportunity, please reach out to a researcher in the Montreal lab.

Compute Resources

Microsoft is proud to support the faculty and students of Mila with Azure compute resources to assist in the pursuit of advancing state-of-the-art computing research.

Collaboration Papers