Microsoft Research New England Lab - Cambridge Massachusetts

Microsoft Research Lab – New England

About our internships

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Microsoft Research New England consists of thirty-five full-time researchers and postdocs working in machine learning, statistics, computational biology, theoretical computer science, algorithmic game theory, economics, social media, cryptography, and mathematics. Highly collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature, MSR-NE is actively engaged with the local academic and tech communities.

Microsoft Research New England is actively seeking research interns across a range of research areas. MSR New England is an exciting, interdisciplinary environment in which researchers have the freedom to explore their scholarly interests with access to an extraordinary diversity of big and small data sources, an open publication policy, and close links to academic institutions. Interns are hired for twelve weeks and receive a competitive salary and benefits package. Most internships take place over the summer, but other time periods are possible.

Intern experience

Susann Uplegger, Nancy Baym posing for a photo

“My Summer internship at Microsoft was one of the best summers I’ve ever had! I enjoyed the friendly environment, the meaningful and socially important projects, and my always happy to help mentors.” – Alexey Romanov

“The MSRNE Internship was one of the highlights of my academic career. The internship provided me with the freedom to lead a new research project that I was passionate about, while also providing the structure and mentorship to take my research in new directions.” – Michaelanne Dye

“I felt supported by the process at Microsoft Research, to take on what may seem intimidating, especially for social science and humanities students: tackling a research project in 12 short weeks. The internship was an invaluable experience for my intellectual and professional development.” – Penny Trieu

“Henry [Cohn] was an exceptional mentor; besides all the math I learned from him, during my time in the lab I could witness how passionate and original he is with his work, both qualities that I aspire to keep for my own research career. I am very thankful I had the privilege to meet so many smart and kind people during my internship.” – Kim Villalobos Carballo