Portrait of Akash Lal

Akash Lal

Senior Researcher


I am a member of the Programming Languages and Tools Group at Microsoft Research India. I am broadly interested in the areas of programming languages, verification and model checking with a focus on concurrent programs. I graduated with a PhD from the Computer Sciences Department of University of Wisconsin-Madison, advised by Tom Reps.

I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring a few Research Fellows:



I have served (or will serve) on the program committees of: VMCAI 2017, POPL 2017, FSTTCS 2016 (co-chair), CAV 2016, ISSTA 2016, TACAS 2016, NETYS 2016, ICSE (Demos) 2016, SCORE 2016, APSEC 2016, ISEC 2016, WEPL 2015, CAV 2015, ICSE 2015, VMCAI 2015 (co-chair), ASE 2015 (ERC), INFINITY 2014 (Scientific Committee), EC2 2014 (co-chair), ASE 2014 (ERC), MUSEPAT 2014, MUSEPAT 2013ESOP 2013, DSN 2013, VMCAI 2013, PADTAD 2012, APLAS 2012, CPP 2011, INFINITY 2011, INFINITY 2010, VMCAI 2011,CAV 2011, SPIN 2011, and PASTE 2011.