Portrait of Anshuman Dutt

Anshuman Dutt

Post Doc Researcher


I am a post-doc researcher at DMX group currently working on techniques for processing parameterized queries, where it is challenging to figure out whether next incoming query instance need to be optimized before execution or execution would be faster using a previously stored plan.

Before that, I graduated from Department of Computer Science and Automation at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. At IISc, I had a wonderful time doing my Masters and Ph.D. at Database Systems Lab under the supervision of Prof. Jayant Haritsa. My doctoral thesis is towards bringing robustness in SQL query processing against the classical issue of cardinality estimation errors. We proposed an unconventional exploratory approach to query execution where we deliberately do not use erroneous estimates and also throw partial work done, but still provide sub-optimality guarantees on execution performance.

I wish to continue my research towards the larger goal of improving robustness and self-managing capabilities of database systems.