Portrait of Anton Schwaighofer

Anton Schwaighofer

Principal Applied Scientist


I am leading the machine learning engineering team inside of Project InnerEye (opens in new tab).

Focus: Scalable machine learning, deep learning for medical imaging, reliability and explainability.

Brief biography

I studied computer science at Graz Unversity of Technology, Austria. (opens in new tab). From 2000 to 2003, I completed my Ph.D. thesis on machine learning. My Ph.D. work was funded by an Ernst-von-Siemens scholarship, and supervised jointly by Volker Tresp (opens in new tab) at Siemens Corporate Technology, Munich, and Wolfgang Maass (opens in new tab) at Graz Unversity of Technology. (opens in new tab)

In May 2004, I joined the Intelligent Data Analysis Group at Fraunhofer FIRST in Berlin as a postdoc researcher. In my work there, I was leading a technology transfer project funded by Bayer Schering Pharma (opens in new tab). This project, PCADMET, aimed at developing machine learning methods for predicting different properties of chemical compounds in early drug discovery.

In February 2008, I joined Microsoft Research Cambridge. Until June 2017, I was a member of the core algorithms team of Microsoft Advertising, where I created the Bing Marketplace Simulator, an off-policy simulator for tuning auction marketplaces.