Portrait of Aseem Rastogi

Aseem Rastogi



I am a Researcher at Microsoft Research India. My work spans the areas of language design, type systems, program verification, and software security. More specifically, I am interested in developing formal techniques for writing provably correct and secure software.

I am one of the core designers and developers of F*, a language for program verification. In Project Everest, we are using F* to build and deploy a verified HTTPS stack.

I received my PhD from the Computer Science Dept. at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I was advised by Michael Hicks. Before that, I did M.S. from the Computer Science Dept. at the Stony Brook University working with Rob Johnson.

I am serving or have served on the following committees:

  • Tutorials and Tech. Briefings Co-chair ISEC 2019
  • Program Committee: CCS 2020, FCS 2020, PLAS 2019, ISEC 2019, POPL 2018, CCS 2017, APLAS 2017, HOPE 2017, FTfJP 2017
  • External Review Committee: PLDI 2020, PLDI 2019, PLDI 2016, POPL 2017, PLDI 2017
  • Artifact Evaluation Committee: POPL 2017
  • Reviewer, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS)
  • Sub-reviewer: CPP 2020, IEEE S&P 2017, IEEE S&P 2016, TACAS 2016, IEEE S&P 2015, ESOP 2015, ICFP 2015, POPL 2014, CSF 2014, OOPSLA 2014, TFP 2013, NDSS 2012.


I was a guest lecturer for the Principles of Programming Languages Course (Monsoon 2018) at IIIT-Hyderabad.

I gave an F* tutorial at the Winter School in Software Engineering’2017 at Pune.

I co-taught F* at the Computer-aided security proofs summer school, Aarhus in Oct. 2017 (course web page, course material).

(My UMD homepage)