Portrait of Brent Hecht

Brent Hecht

Director of Applied Science


Brent Hecht is Director of Applied Science in Microsoft’s Experiences and Devices organization, where he is helping to increase the pace and responsibility of innovation within products like Edge and Office. He is also an Associate Professor at Northwestern University, where he leads the People, Space, and Algorithms (PSA) Research Group.

Dr. Hecht has been doing award-winning human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) research for over 10 years. He is the recipient of a CAREER award from the U.S. National Science Foundation and his work has received Best Paper recognition at top-tier publication venues in human-centered AI (e.g. ACM SIGCHI, ACM CSCW, ACM Mobile HCI, AAAI ICWSM). Dr. Hecht’s research has been featured by The New York Times, the Washington Post, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, and other outlets.

Dr. Hecht additionally serves on the Executive Committee of ACM FAccT (formerly ACM FAT*), the premier publication venue for research on understanding and mitigating societal biases in artificial intelligence systems.

For more information, visit Dr. Hecht’s personal website and see his CV.