Portrait of Cecily Morrison

Cecily Morrison

Principal Research Manager


I am a researcher in the Future of Work community at Microsoft Research Cambridge interested in developing novel technologies to enable people’s health and well-being in the broadest sense. Put simply, I want to build technologies that matter to people.

My research lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. Working in a cross-disciplinary collaboration, my current focus is on AI applications for those with visual disabilities. I am exploring the interaction paradigms between people and agents that can be brought to bear to extend human capability through subtle dialogues with agents that see. Ongoing projects include:

Project Tokyo: visual agent technologies for people who are blind or low vision

Torino: a physical programming language inclusive of children with visual disabilities

Assess MS: a system to support the tracking of disease progression in patients with Multiple Sclerosis

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from University of Cambridge and an undergraduate degree in Ethnomusicology from Barnard College, Columbia University. I have also spent time playing bagpipes in rural Hungary.