Portrait of Christopher White

Christopher White

General Manager


Chris White is Managing Director, Microsoft Research Special Projects. He leads mission-oriented research and software development teams focusing on high risk problems.

For more about Chris’s background, listen to a Podcast on democratizing data science, or read about a Presidential Award to combat human trafficking, chief data officer activity during wartime, or a special issue profile by Popular Science.

Specialized work at Microsoft has included software and system development for data analysis in nascent industry areas:

  • Datacenter Energy Intelligence (with Azure) Monetizing backup battery capacity in datacenters by participating in ancillary energy markets, supported by real-time prediction models and online control interfaces. With power producers and grid operators, exploring intelligent controllers to predict renewables production. Working paper: Using Azure access to stabilize the power grid
  • Organizational Science (with Office, Workplace Analytics & University of Washington) Managing cultural transformation within organizations using collaboration logs,
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