I am a UX Architect and Senior Researcher in MSR Special Projects at Microsoft Research Cambridge. My research aims to transform the human side of data work, particularly how user interfaces enriched with AI can guide the discovery and sharing of analytic insights.

From 2008-2016, I was a researcher in the Human-Computer Interaction group at Microsoft Research Asia, where I explored the use of assisted preparation for talks and presentations; mobile microlearning for second language acquisition; exertion gaming for social health and fitness; and tangible, haptic, and mixed-reality interaction for desk work.

From 2000-2007, I read Computer Science and Management Studies at the University of Cambridge (BA 2004) before continuing as a doctoral candidate at the Computer Laboratory (PhD 2008). My dissertation was the first work to explore the concept of “peripheral interaction” with digitally-augmented objects on the boundary of a user’s attention.