I am a UX Architect and Senior Researcher in MSR Special Projects at Microsoft Research Cambridge. My research aims to transform the human side of data work, with a particular emphasis on how graph machine learning and data visualization can reveal the structure and dynamics of real-world phenomenon. Current application areas include news, search, cybercrime, organizational behaviour, neuroscience, and healthcare.

From 2008-2016, I was a researcher in the Human-Computer Interaction group at Microsoft Research Asia, where I explored the use of assisted preparation for talks and presentations; mobile microlearning for second language acquisition; exertion gaming for social health and fitness; and tangible, haptic, and mixed-reality interaction for desk work.

From 2000-2007, I read Computer Science and Management Studies at the University of Cambridge (BA 2004) before continuing as a doctoral candidate at the Computer Laboratory (PhD 2008). My dissertation was the first work to explore the concept of “peripheral interaction” with digitally-augmented objects on the boundary of a user’s attention.



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