Portrait of Darren Edge

Darren Edge



Darren Edge is a Director of Societal Resilience projects at Microsoft Research, where he builds community partnerships and open technologies to tackle some of the most challenging problems facing global society.

His current focus is developing tools for evidence-based policy and crisis response that account for the noisy, biased, and sensitive nature of real-world data. See this MSR blog for an overview of current work (also covered in TechCrunch and TechRepublic).

Darren represents MSR in the Tech Against Trafficking coalition, the Microsoft ACTS anti-corruption initiative, and Microsoft engagements with the UK government and UN agencies about the human-centered transformation of data work.

Previously, Darren’s research has aimed to transform a wide range of human activities, including making sense of media and organizations, combating cybercrime and misinformation, preparing for presentations and second language conversations, and managing work tasks through peripheral, tangible, and embodied forms of interaction.

Darren holds a BA and PhD from the University of Cambridge, and returned to Cambridge in 2016 following eight years as an HCI researcher at Microsoft Research Asia.