Portrait of Doug Burger

Doug Burger

Distinguished Engineer, Director of Client & Cloud Apps


Doug Burger is one of the world’s leading active researchers in computer architecture, with an incredibly broad set of seminal contributions to his credit. After receiving his PhD from University of Wisconsin in 1998, he joined UT Austin as a faculty where he became a full professor in 2008. His work on Explicit Data Graph Computing (EDGE) represents the fourth major class of instruction-set architectures (after CISC, RISC, and VLIW). His prototype TRIPS processor, an ambitious ASIC and working EDGE system, remains one of the most complex microprocessor prototypes ever built in academia. A number of Doug’s research ideas, such as non-uniform cache architectures (NUCA caches), are now shipping in Intel, ARM, and IBM microprocessors. He has been recognized as an IEEE Fellow and ACM Fellow.

Doug joined Microsoft in 2008, believing that Microsoft is the right place to do amazing architecture work with huge impact. Since then, Doug has had significant influence on both the company’s products and its technical strategy. He co-founded and leads Project Catapult to make the FPGA acceleration that is central to Microsoft’s cloud strategy. This project enables teams across Microsoft to drive major advances in Bing ranking, cloud networking, storage efficiency, security, and large-scale service acceleration.



Project Catapult

Established: February 2, 2015

Project Catapult is a Microsoft venture that investigates the use of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to improve performance, reduce power consumption, and provide new capabilities in the datacenter. We have designed an FPGA board that plugs into the Microsoft-designed server…


Achieving the right balance of power and performance for an application is challenging with today's multicore processors. E2 solves this problem by providing the capability for cores to dynamically adapt their resources during execution to provide highly efficient power/performance hardware…




A Reconfigurable Fabric for Accelerating Large-Scale Datacenter Services
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Pocket Cloudlets
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Dataflow Predication
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