Portrait of Dongdong Zhang

Dongdong Zhang

Principal Research Manager


Dr. Dongdong Zhang (张冬冬) is a principal research manager at Microsoft Research Asia. He joined Microsoft in Apr. 2006. Before that, he got his PhD degree, M.S. degree and B.S.  degree from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2005, 2001, and 1999 respectively. He works on natural language processing, currently leading the team to advance machine translation research, development and applications, as well as explore the research on cross-lingual generation and understanding, deep learning algorithms, pre-training techniques, etc..



  • Top results on WMT2021 Shared Task on Large-Scale Multilingual Machine Translation in 2021, covering 102 languages with 10,302 translation directions.
  • DeltaLM: A generic pre-trained encoder-decoder model for language generation and translation.
  • ChineseEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Traditional Chinese, Chinese Literary and Chinese Minority languages (Traditional Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur) translation models in Microsoft Translator.
  • Achieving human parity on automatic Chinese-to-English news translation in 2018.
  • Chinese-to-English speech translation in Skype Translator in 2014.
  • Worldwide first live demo on speech translation in 2012.
  • Data processing and machine translation models in Bing Dictionary.
  • Top result on CWMT 2009 Machine Translation Evaluation on Chinese-to-English translation task.
  • Top result on CWMT 2008 Machine Translation Evaluation on Chinese-to-English translation task.
  • Top evaluation results on NIST 2008 Machine Translation Challenge on ChineseEnglish translation tasks.