Portrait of Dave Thaler

Dave Thaler

Software Architect

Research Activities

Invited Keynote Talks

  • “Why do we really want an ID/locator split anyway?”, MobiArch 2008.


Other Activities

I participate in the Microsoft PuzzleHunt and related activities.  My team (SCRuBBers) won PuzzleHunt IV in 2001 and PuzzleHunt 123 in 2009, and ran PuzzleHunt V in 2002 and PuzzleHunt 11.0 in 2007.   A related activity is Microsoft Puzzle Safari, where my team (The Brute Squad) has consistently placed in the top three, and won Puzzle Safaris 3, 6-9, and 12.

In a past life, I participated in the ACM Programming Contest, first as a participant where my team (Michigan State University, consisting of myself, Jay Lorch, and Steve Klocek) took 2nd in the world in 1992, and then as the coach for the University of Michigan team, which also went to the international level in 1997.

In my spare time, I do genealogy and maintain a web site of a number of royal lines.