Portrait of Ece Kamar

Ece Kamar

Partner Research Manager - Human-centered AI Area


I am a Partner Research Area Manager at Microsoft Research. I oversee the research area on human-centered AI, where we advance the state-of-the-art in Responsible AI, human-AI collaboration, sensing, signal processing, productivity, future of work and mental well-being. The team is passionate about developing real systems, tools and prototypes to address the challenges of having AI systems in the real world.   

I am an Affiliate Faculty with the University of Washington. 

I serve as Technical Advisor for Microsoft’s Internal Committee on AI, Engineering and Ethics. I lead efforts at Microsoft on reliability&safety of AI systems, in particular on developing tools, best practices and guidance towards developing Responsible AI. In my role, my investigations focus on the frontier of Responsible AI, in understanding the new risks and opportunities that arise from the developments in fundamental AI technologies. 

My research focuses on developing AI systems that can function reliably in the open world in collaboration with people. I am particularly interested in the impact of AI on society and developing AI systems that are reliable, unbiased and trustworthy. 

You can find information about my research and recent publications on my personal website.