Portrait of Fernando Pérez García

Fernando Pérez García

Senior Research Machine Learning Engineer


I am a senior research machine learning engineer in the Health Futures (opens in new tab) group. My work within the Biomedical Imaging (opens in new tab) team focuses on translating artificial intelligence research into clinical practice.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked as a research engineer in the Centre for Neuroimaging Research (opens in new tab) at the Paris Brain Institute (opens in new tab). Then, I moved on to UCL (opens in new tab) and King’s College London (opens in new tab) for my PhD in Medical Imaging, where I applied artificial intelligence to improving the treatment of epilepsy.

I am a strong supporter of open-source software, and a recurrent contributor to multiple open-source projects. When not staring at a computer screen, I can be found playing football or trumpet.

Further details on my work can be found in my Google Scholar (opens in new tab) and GitHub (opens in new tab) profiles.





Our preprint on stress-testing vision models with diffusion models is out: RadEdit: stress-testing biomedical vision models via diffusion image editing (opens in new tab).