Portrait of Gina Venolia

Gina Venolia

Senior Researcher


I am a senior researcher with Microsoft Research in the neXus group. My research focuses on understanding how knowledge flows among people and building systems to make it flow more freely.

I am currently working on projects related to video communication and telepresence.  I am interested in its application to both work and personal contexts.  Most of my work has been with synchronous communication, but asynchronous video is also of interest.





I have been at Microsoft Research since 1998, and have worked on a variety of topics including speech UI’s, soft keyboards, peripheral awareness, email UI, and tools to support team work within software development teams.

Before joining Microsoft, I was at Cosmo Software, a now-defunct division of the all-but-defunct Silicon Graphics. My main contribution there was the user interface design for Cosmo PageFX, a novel tool for developing animated elements for web pages using VRML. PageFX had a very cool visual language for describing the causal chain of events and animation effects.

Before that, I was at Apple Computer for 15 years. Most of my time there was spent in the Advanced Technology Group. I shipped a number of things, including the QuickDraw 3D User Interface Guidelines and Toolbox, the Apple Game Sprockets APIs, mouse acceleration (twice!) and LisaTerminal.

I’m a California native.  I enjoy adventuring on my motorcycles and tormenting (and being tormented by) my two dachshunds.