Portrait of Sara Abdali

Sara Abdali

Researcher II


I am currently a researcher 2 at Applied Sciences Group (opens in new tab) working on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Causal Inference and Multimodal Generative AI related projects. Before joining Microsoft, I was a postdoctoral CIFellow (opens in new tab) at Georgia Tech, working on my NSF funded project, multimodal misinformation detection [1 (opens in new tab),2 (opens in new tab)]. I recently received my Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Riverside. During my Ph.D., I mainly worked on misinformation detection leveraging multilinear (tensor) algebra along with a variety of NLP and vision techniques [3 (opens in new tab),4 (opens in new tab),5 (opens in new tab)]. I also worked on Deepfake video detection [6 (opens in new tab)] and more recently on development of text augmentation techniques in few-shot settings [7 (opens in new tab)]. In fall 2020, I completed a research internship at Lenovo Research, where I worked on deep learning-based image enhancement. In summer 2021, I finished another data science internship at Microsoft where I worked on development of cutting-edge NLP techniques.