Portrait of Jennifer Wortman Vaughan

Jennifer Wortman Vaughan

Senior Principal Researcher


Hi! I’m Jenn Wortman Vaughan, a Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, NYC.

My research background is in machine learning and algorithmic economics. These days I spend the bulk of my time on projects related to fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics, or FATE. I am interested in the interaction between people and AI, and have often studied this interaction in the context of prediction markets and other crowdsourcing systems. My passion is for AI that augments, rather than replaces, human abilities. A big fraction of my work has been theoretical—I like a nice clean model that captures the essence of a problem and provable guarantees—but, thanks to the amazing interdisciplinary environment where I work, I’ve begun incorporating more experiments into my research in order to better understand and model human behavior in technological systems. I occasionally speak about societal issues around AI.

I am very active in the research community and probably say yes to more service work than I should. Among other things, I am currently the (Program and General) Co-Chair of HCOMP 2019, the Workshops Chair of NeurIPS 2019, the Press Co-Chair of ICML 2019, a Steering Committee Member of FAT*, and a Senior Advisor to WiML (which I co-founded back in 2006). I was also recently the Tutorial Co-Chair of both NIPS 2017 and NeurIPS 2018, the Workshops Co-Chair of both EC 2017 and EC 2018, and the elected Secretary-Treasurer of SigEcom from 2015–2019.

See my website for more information and a full publication list. My standard bio (for talk announcements, etc.) is here.