Portrait of John Tang

John Tang

Principal Researcher


I work in the Ability group in Microsoft Research that focuses on inventing novel and inclusive technologies for people with disabilities. My current research focus is on making video calling accessible. While the group is located in Redmond, WA, I work out of the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Center in Sunnyvale, CA. Thus, I not only research distributed collaboration, but also live distributed collaboration in my daily work. My research interests are focused on understanding the needs of users to shape the design of technology to support collaboration. I apply a mix of qualitative (video-based observation, interviews, surveys to collect user perceptions) and quantitative (usage logs) methods to understand how people currently use technology and how to design new technology to improve their work. I have a special interest in designing for accessibility, interfaces for distributed groups to enable sharing awareness information, and social networking to encourage coordinating contact, both at work and at home. I have also explored novel uses of video and audio to connect people both at home and in the workplace, and uses of live streaming. Previously, I worked on the Embodied Social Proxy (ESP) project. I was inducted as a member of the ACM CHI Academy in 2014.