I am Nebojsa Jojic, I have attended the  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, ILPh.D. , Electrical and Computer Engineering, expected in 2000.M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, October 1997.thesis title: Computer Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis of Dressed HumansAdvisor: Prof. Thomas S. Huang and the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, B.S., Electrical Engineering, June, 1995

B.S. thesis title: “Image compression using wavelets and scalar coding of sub-bands”, advisor: Prof. Miodrag Popovic




  • Microsoft Corp. is preparing the documentation for filing for a patent on the work I did at Microsoft Research during Summer ’98. The topic is real-time tracking of articulated objects in range image sequences, and the inventors are Nebojsa Jojic and Matthew Turk.


Professional Activities



  • Microsoft Graduate Fellowship for the school year 1999/2000
  • NSF travel grant (for IEEE Information Theory Workshop  on Detection, Estimation, Classification and Imaging, Santa Fe, February 1999.)
  • Fellowship awarded by The Ministry of Science and Technology (Yugoslavia) throughout undergraduate studies
  • Grant awarded by SOROS Fond, 1995.


Course Work

U of Illinois at Chicago:

EECS 516. Optimal and Adaptive Digital Filters
EECS 530. Statistical Communication Theory
EECS 550. Linear Systems Theory and Design

U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

CS 318. Computer Graphics
ECE 361. Communications, II (Digital Telecommunications)
ECE 417. Nonlinear and Adaptive Control
ECE 420. Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems
ECE 447. Image Processing
ECE 449. Computer Vision
ECE 455. Control of Stochastic Systems
ECE 497KR. Wavelets in Signal Processing
ECE 461. Signal Detection and Estimation
ECE 497LEV.  Computational Models of Spoken Language
CS 442. Artifical Neural Networks
CS 497DJK. Pattern and Object Recognition

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